Peering Policy

Connective operates an open settlement-free peering policy with its Autonomous System (AS39175) and is available for peering at a range of IXPs and data centres.

We have some basic technical prerequisites before establishing mutual peering sessions. Networks wishing to peer with Connective must have:

Traffic Requirements - Public Peering

We do not have any minimum traffic requirement for public peering. We prefer direct BGP sessions over route servers.

Traffic Requirements - Private Peering

We prefer an average traffic level of 1Gbps or higher before considering private peering. A minimum of a 10GbE port should be provided by the peer. Peering interfaces should be upgraded if traffic levels consistently exceed 60%. We support LACP or eBGP Multipath to aggregate capacity.

Routing Policy

We operate a strict routing policy in order to maintain performance and stability across our network: