BGP Communities

Sent Communities

The following BGP communities are sent to all Full and Partial IP transit customers with BGP services. These communities allow you to easily manipulate outbound routing to meet you networks exact requirements. Some routes may cover multiple geographical regions when aggregated and therefore will be tagged with less specific community information.

Route Type

Description Community
Local Route 39175:65100
Full Transit Customer 39175:65105
Partial Transit Customer 39175:65106
Public Peering 39175:65104
Private Peering 39175:65103
Upstream Transit 39175:65101

Route Origin

Description Community
Europe 39175:65201
North America 39175:65202
Asia 39175:65203
United Kingdom 39175:65300
London 39175:65301
Manchester 39175:65302
Belgium 39175:65310
Brussels 39175:65311
Antwerp 39175:65312
Netherlands 39175:65320
Amsterdam 39175:65321
France 39175:65330
Paris 39175:65331
Germany 39175:65340
Frankfurt 39175:65341
China 39175:65400
Hong Kong 39175:65401
Shanghai 39175:65401
Singapore 39175:65410

Accepted Communities

We accept the following customers from Full and Partial IP transit customer with BGP services.

Description Community
Local Preference 115 (Below Peers) 39175:115
Local Preference 90 (Below Everything) 39175:90
Blackhole (/27 - /32) 39175:666

Advanced Routing Control

These communities are not enabled by default. You need to contact your account manager in order to activate this additional service.

Upstream Announcements

Description Community
Don't announce to Cogent 39175:1740
Prepend once to Cogent 39175:1741
Prepend twice to Cogent 39175:1742
Don't annount to GTT 39175:32570
Prepend once to GTT 39175:32571
Prepend twice to GTT 39175:32572
Don't annount to Telia 39175:12990
Prepend once to Telia 39175:12991
Prepend twice to Telia 39175:12992
Peering Announcements

Description Community
Don't announce to peers or upstreams 39175:0
Don't announce to LINX LON1 peers 65000:100
Don't announce to LINX LON1 route servers 65001:100
Don't announce to LINX LON2 peers 65000:101
Don't announce to LINX LON2 route servers 65001:101
Don't announce to LONAP peers 65000:102
Don't announce to LONAP route servers 65000:102